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Anti Blemish Solutions Clearing Moisturizer Oil-Free

Anti Blemish Solutions Clearing Moisturizer Oil-Free

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Step 3 in Clinique's Anti-Blemish Solutions Clear Skin System. Lightweight, medicated formula helps treat existing acne and prevent future breakouts. Creates a barrier against acne-causing agents. Helps control excess oil. Calms, soothes, visibly reduces redness. Lightly hydrates to minimize dryness and peeling.

Trust the system: In a two-week clinical test, 96% of participants using all 3 steps-Anti-Blemish Solutions Cleansing Foam, Clarifying Lotion and Clearing Moisturizer-showed a reduction in active blemishes.


  • Skin Types: All Skintypes
  • Concern: Acne


  • Apply thin layer to face AM and PM.
  • If drying or peeling occurs, reduce usage.
  • For best results, use after Anti-Blemish Solutions Cleansing Foam and Clarifying Lotion.
  • After acne clears, continue using for preventative care.

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Brand Clinique
Ingredients No

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    Age: 22 to 34

    Location: JOHANNESBURG


    I do get the usual spots on my face which leaves behind marks, this is the only product that lightens my marks as well as eventually makes them disappear, to me this is a wonder product as I am light in complexion and cannot afford to have dark spots on my face. Thank you Clinque, this is just one of the products from your brand I am loving.

  • Kristi

    Age: 22 to 34

    Location: Cape Town

  • Did nothing for me 8/23/2016

    Unfortunately, as much as I was dying for this product to do something for me, it just did nothing. It dried out my skin, didn't deliver on its promises, and I ended up chucking it.

  • Tanusta

    Age: 35 to 44

    Location: Durban

  • Solution for acne sufferers 8/19/2016

    Blemishes are the bane of ones existance and unfortunately its something that the majority of us have to encounter no matter how old you are.It could be hormonal, due to a bad cleansing routine, environmental factors, or due to bad eating habits and for some stress is also a factor.Whatever the reason we all share the common feeling of having our confidence diminished the minute we see that blemish rearing its ugly head.And that feeling of desperation causes us to try everything in sight hoping each time that the product will work only to be let down each and everytime.I know I've taken antibiotics ,prescription treatments amongst many that were far too harsh for my sensitive skin and only aggravated the problem further.I even tried dabbing spots with toothpaste!I am blighted by hormonal outbreaks.Since these aren’t really related to products, lifestyle or diet, it’s so iritating to know they will arrive like clockwork every month, and undo all my good skincare regime.Clinique is synonymous with exceptionally high quality products that are also allergy free and so I decided to give the Anti Blemish Solution Clearing Moisturizer a try.This product aims to target problems with a 4-in-1 clearing complex, combining exfoliating and anti-blemish agents with sebum-controlling and anti-irritant ingredients.So does this moisturizer work?Absolutely! It is one of those products that requires a few weeks of daily application to really reap the rewards.It takes the sting out of certain blemishes and can help control redness by calming those fiery blemishes without interfering with the moisture levels of your skin and minimises the size of the blemish safely!
    It's such an effective clearing moisturizer and really does help to reduce any swelling or inflammation surrounding those lurking blemishes.But how is it effective?Its packed with the best blemish fighting ingredients .So no more dark days this product is a winner in my eyes

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