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HydraQuench Cream - Normal to dry skin

HydraQuench Cream - Normal to dry skin

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Rushes pure, fresh moisture to dry zones - offering immediate relief from tightness and dryness. Katafray Bark and Sorbier Tree Bud extracts combat dehydration and pollutants to fend-off wrinkles and improve radiance. Ideal for skin living in temperate climates.

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Brand Clarins
Ingredients Katafray extract restores cohesion of the corneal layer to prevent moisture loss. Inca Peanut oil effectively restores the protective hydrolipidic film. Hyaluronic acid, a natural skin component capable of retaining up to 1,000 times its weight in water, increases hydration. Alfalfa extract dramatically boosts the production of collagen, intensively regenerates, firms, and minimizes premature wrinkles.

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  • Rachna

    Age: 22 to 34

    Location: Sandton,Johannesburg

  • Superb Product 4/25/2017

    This is my holy grail. I have a dry skin and have been using this since more than a couple of months now. This is soo hydrating and has been working really well on my skin. I am going to repurchase another one of this without a thought.

  • Elhaam

    Age: 22 to 34

    Location: Cape Town

  • A firm favourite, all through the year! 8/14/2015

    When I decided to go on Isotretanoin treatment to manage my adult acne, there was no product on the market to deal with one of the side effects of this acne medication, severely dehydrated skin. In addition to staying hydrated with water, I used Clarins Hydra quench cream which hydrated my skin without leaving any heaviness so typically associated with creams prescribed for dehydrated skins. I'm now acne free but my love for Clarins plant-based products endures.

  • Keshnee

    Age: 22 to 34

    Location: Western Cape

  • Very Hydrating and Smells Great 8/13/2015

    Tried this range recently, having really dehydrating skin i opted for the cream rather than the lotion. This little magical invention is super hydrating and within 2 days I noticed a remarkable difference in my skins appearance. The best skin care product I have used to date.

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