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Cool Water Man Eau de Toilette Spray

Cool Water Man Eau de Toilette Spray

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An aromatic fresh fragrance - having invented the territory of “new freshness”, Davidoff Cool Water is an iconic fragrance which gives you strength and vitality like a cool wave. The alchemy of man and ocean - a passport to freshness, masculinity, extreme sensations, and independence. Cool Water embraces the power of the ocean with cool aquatic notes and sizzling sensuality. Sensual freshness sets the tone. Intense physicality sets the pace, and masculine harmony glides over it all. This iconic composition bursts to the surface in swells of peppermint and lavender providing intense freshness to then move out with force and intensity in heart notes of spicy coriander, jasmine, oak moss, geranium and sandalwood, fully gliding and swirling into a long, warm, sensual flow of amber and musk.

Additional Information

Brand Davidoff
Ingredients Top Note: Fresh peppermint, Middle Note: Essence of Lavender, Base Note: Sensual Amber
Red Square | Skincare - Makeup - Fragrance

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  • Ali

    Age: 22 to 34

    Location: Johannesburg

  • A Classic 8/27/2016

    This has been a fan favourite for years. A special family member adores this cologne and is always happy to receive this as a gift.

  • Naeem

    Age: 45 to 54

    Location: Durban

  • A smell of the ocean! 8/26/2016

    This is my favourits perfume of all time! It truly smells fresh and leaves me feeling so confident. I love the Aqua notes and the fact that it leaves an impression. A cult classic!


    Age: 22 to 34

    Location: durban

  • simply the best 8/17/2016

    my first ever cologne and will never change

  • 007MrBondZA

    Age: 35 to 44

    Location: Johannesburg

  • Classic From 1988 8/12/2016

    Fragrances weren't a big thing when I was in school, but this was my signature from when I was very young. Now it is everyday office wear. Lavender, Jasmine and Neroli. Perfect combination. Not too serious or the intense type. Perfect for summer days. But i haven't seen anyone being ever put-off by this one. Thats what describes it. Don't agree at all that this is a unisex fragrance.

  • anisha

    Age: 22 to 34

    Location: Durban

  • As fresh as the sea breeze 4/14/2014

    When I tell ladies that I prefer Davidoff Men, they don't look too surprised as they too can vouch at just how sexy this fragrance. So yes, I am besotted with this Unisex parfum as it reminds me of summer spent on the beach. The freshness and boldness hypnotises me each time and boosts my confidence. So, you would find this diva stealing her mans Davidoff Cool waters stash ever so often!

  • Hussein

    Age: 35 to 44

    Location: Vereeniging

  • Awesome 11/27/2013

    Cool Fresh & Collected!

  • lance

    Age: 35 to 44

    Location: Cape Town

  • Very good fragrance 6/12/2013

    I travelled extensively between 1994 and 1996. I eventually spent most of my time in Israel where I discovered Cool Water. On my way home from Israel I bought a bottle duty free. For years I have been searching for the perfect smell and now I have finally found it. Cool Water is the best thing that could have happened to me. Every day I get a different compliment.

  • André

    Age: 35 to 44

    Location: Nelspruit

  • Stunning 5/30/2013

    This is a must for summer !!! Cool & Fresh !!!

  • Gift

    Age: 22 to 34

    Location: Johannesburg

  • Coolest Fragrance 5/24/2013

    Started using Cool Waters about a year back and i've never stopped using it. It's a must have more during summer and will always leave people arounf you smiling. Very COOL...

  • Linden

    Age: 35 to 44

    Location: Pretoria

  • Awesome 5/7/2013

    This is one of the nicest fragrances on the market

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