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Euphoria Eau de Parfum Spray

Calvin Klein
Euphoria Eau de Parfum Spray

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Euphoria by Calvin Klein was introduced in 2005 as a fun, enticing scent for women. The beautiful fragrance starts off with pomegranate, persimmon, and a lovely lush green accord. The heart then blends into a sensual lotus blossom, black orchid which then finishes off with amber, violet, cream and woods.

Additional Information

Brand Calvin Klein
Ingredients Top Note: Pomegranate; Middle Note: Black Orchid; Base Note: Creamy Accord
Red Square | Skincare - Makeup - Fragrance

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  • Magdalena

    Age: 22 to 34

    Location: Graskop

  • It’s a must-have fragrance for every girl, strong and bold, but yet feminine. 4/27/2017

    It smells modern, distinctive and sexy. Love it!

  • basetsana

    Age: 21 and Under

    Location: johannesburg

  • the best 4/24/2017

    this is the best fragrance for me. I love looove the woody scent

  • Ali

    Age: 22 to 34

    Location: johannesburg

  • Sweet & Fruity 8/27/2016

    Such a beautiful, sensual smell. It's a different, powerful scent that's long lasting. One of the best Calvin Klein fragrances.

  • Carla

    Age: 22 to 34

    Location: Cape Town

  • If I had to choose a favourite cosmetic, this would be it! 8/12/2016

    Feminine, soft & warm. Used it on my wedding day, and every time I have used it since then my husband's face lights up when I walk past him. Beautiful fragrance that instantly makes me feel beautiful. The only complaint I have is that I wish it would last longer - I feel that the smell fades too soon.

  • Shelley

    Age: 22 to 34

    Location: Cape Town

  • Euphoric 8/17/2015

    The name speaks to everything about this fragrance...sexy, euphoric, glam. The woman wearing this scent is strong, confident and alluring. You'll be turning heads with this...I cant get enough

  • Bhavika

    Age: 22 to 34

    Location: Johannesburg

  • One-Of-a-Kind-SEXY 4/22/2014

    This is one of my most favorite sexiest smelling perfumes! Went out yesterday and used it - and as usual got quite a few compliments on my perfume. Whatever it smells like, it's definitely one-of-a-kind. I haven't smelled anything similar! The best part is that the uber yummy scent lasts ALL day long - even if my nose kinda gets used to it and I don't smell it much anymore, the people around me can still smell it! I can also still smell it the next morning! I am theee biggest fan of this perfume and have been nagging my folks for this since a very young age - but now started working and FINALLY got myself the very biggest bottle haha :D.. CK should never, I repeat, NEVER discontinue this super sexy fragrance!

  • Anastasia

    Age: 22 to 34

    Location: Knysna

  • Unforgettable... 4/21/2014

    Very romantic and sophisticated fragrance... Makes you feel beautiful and attractive!

  • anisha

    Age: 22 to 34

    Location: Durban

  • A perfume that is truly Euphoric! 4/14/2014

    When someone compliments you on your fragrance, know that that is your signature scent! Whenever I wear this, I can't help but fall into a deep trance as the sultry notes are something thats extraordinary. If I could bottle the word "sexy", it would be this signature parfum fromCalvin Klein. OMG! is all I can say. Try this and prepare to be hypnotised. Prepare to feel euphoric!

  • Ncedeka

    Age: 22 to 34

    Location: Pretoria

  • I'm so IN LOVE!!!! 6/13/2013

    I have ALWAYS wanted to have one fragrance that will turn me on. Recently I was late for church and I forgot my spray at home so my friend sprayed me with her Calvin Klein Euphoria. Gosh! I am so taken. I can’t get over it. Every time I hug someone wearing that jacket people comment. I swear I am not going to wash my jacket. I am so in love with this perfume. It’s a pity being a student and a breadwinner does not allow me to pamper myself the way I want. Aggg I wish!!!

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