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Double Exposure Eye Shadow Palette

Double Exposure Eye Shadow Palette

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"I love that this palette was inspired by a real photography technique called ‘multiple exposure.’ It’s when the camera shutter opens more than once to expose the film several times during a shot. You end up capturing a sequence

 that shows how a moment transforms—it’s really powerful. This palette is all about that power of transformation." 
—Davis Factor, Smashbox Founder and Photographer

Think of it as the palette of possibilities. With shadows that transform when activated with water, our latest innovation is all about mixing it up. Each shadow changes in one of four ways when wet—amps up vibrancy, gets deeper, turns metallic or adds sparkle—so the possibilities really are endless. Go ahead. Experiment. Who do you want to be? Whether you’re feeling demure or dramatic or something else entirely, transform yourself with this must-have for self-expression.


State-of-the-art coated pigments make the magic happen. This coating technology creates multiple effects when wet, allowing the shadows to transform in one of four ways. So 14 shadows actually become 28 shades—all in just one palette.

•    14 shadows that become 28—just activate with water!
•    Each shadow transforms in 1 of 4 ways, thanks to coated pigments that create multiple effects when wet
•    Shadows won’t glaze over 

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  • Leigh

    Age: 22 to 34

    Location: Johannesburg

  • Double Exposure Eye Shadow 8/17/2016

    I love that the shades of this palette are fairly neutral. They definitely do change when used with water, the water activated effects are mostly more intense and great for night looks. Some shades are a little too glittery for me day time even when not activated.
    Beautifully packaged and contains a mirror on the lid as well as an eyeshadow brush.
    This palette, like most things Smashbox, is very pricey and definitely not budget friendly. But if you have the money to spend or are a make up artist its worth it.

  • Renee

    Age: 22 to 34

    Location: Durban

  • All i need 8/12/2016

    Couldn't decide between this pallette or the full exposure so I got them both. This one has more colours i like which is great for spring and summer and the full exposure has more neutrals, browns and greys. I love that i can spray my applicator brush with a bit of water and use the colours in this pallette for a deeper colour. The effect is stunning especially for evening use. It transforms into a creamier texture when wet. The top row of shimmery shades are my favourite and i can't resist using it during the day as well. For lighter skins, some of the dark purple and blue shades may show up very dark but for my medium tone where lighter shades fon't show much, these datker shades suit me well. The colour is very pigmented and blends easily and is easily buildable. I don't really like brush that comes with this pallette but i love the nice size mirror on this pallette and the black packaging of this product. Smashbox never mises with it's mirrors and instruction sheet. Love it!

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