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Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil

Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil

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A lip care treatment infused with all the power of plant oils to nourish and enhance your lips' natural beauty.

How to use:
Can be worn alone or over your usual lipstick to add shine and protect.


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Brand Clarins
Ingredients N/A

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  • Priya

    Age: 21 and Under

    Location: Durban

  • Lip Comfort Oil 4/26/2017

    The box screams classy, like classy at its best, the gorgeously deep red box really works for me, because it gives you high expectations to see what is in the box… of course the Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil doesn’t fall short of anything. The product is packaged in a powerful small “square style” lipgloss tube, which is a perfect size to hide in your clutch on a night out. I really loved the packaging, with the shimmering gold lid and the see through glass, showing the glistening product made me kind of excited to try it out. The Lip Comfort Oil comes with a lovely large doe foot applicator, which makes applying the product much easier, with one or two simple swipes of the product. The Lip Comfort Oil has a light, sweet smell which I could get as soon as I opened the product, the scent eased my feelings towards the product as I took the plunge, one light sweep of the applicator on my lips and this product owned me… WOW all my negative thoughts were out the window and I was glad I had spent the R250 for this lip product. 

    The Lip Comfort Oil has a thick gloopy kind of texture, like a really thick kind of lipgloss, however on the lips, the Comfort Oil has a light gloss silky feeling, with no sticky or tacky feeling on lips. My lips instantly felt hydrated and comfortable during the harsh dry and cold winter weather. After a week of using the product, I could feel the difference, my lips looked more nourished, softer and much more comfortable. I used the Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil during the day, and in the afternoon, however I didn’t want to use it in the night before going to sleep because the idea of sleeping with the product on my lips made me think of waking up with an oily pillow, face and probably hair too. So I would suggest keeping this product away from the bed time usage because it could get kinda messy. 

    I was definitely impressed with the Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil, the only disappointment that I had with the product was the gorgeous red hue from the lip oil wasn’t really noticeable, so it looked like I had clear gloss on, but I guess if you’re in the mood for some colour, there is no harm in applying lip liner completely to lips and then topping off your colour with the Lip Comfort Oil. I’m going to really give Clarins five stars for this product. It is amazing, and perfect for when lips need some extra attention.

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