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Stay Flawless

Stay Flawless

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Flawless works overtime! Our instant PRO-long primer acts like a magnet to lock on your foundation for 15 fresh & flawless hours. This invisible stick primer glides directly onto skin for optimal wear and a natural-looking finish. Go longer. Stay flawless!

How to apply

  1. Glide this innovative primer stick directly onto skin, then immediately apply foundation, blending together on face.

Additional Information

Brand Benefit
Ingredients N/A
Red Square | Skincare - Makeup - Fragrance

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  • Ali

    Age: 22 to 34

    Location: Johannesburg

  • A little weird... 8/28/2016

    This primer is very different from primers I have used in the past, all of which were liquid. this stick confused me a little and it can be a little temperamental to work this. The advise given tells you to apply along with your foundation which is nearly impossible to do. As this isn't liquid there isn't any time to play with it. I draw it on to each part of my face and then smooth over it with my fingers. I use a beauty blender to apply my foundation and I think that makes it a lot easy to use with this primer as you are dotting the foundation on instead of 'wiping'. I'm giving this one 3 stars because I'm not sure if I would purchase it again...

  • Monique

    Age: 22 to 34

    Location: Cape Town

  • Not worth your money 8/16/2016

    Right off the bat this primer was very hard to work with - the texture is far too dry, unmalleable and it was not easily to blend my foundation after applying it

  • Kristi

    Age: 22 to 34

    Location: Cape Town

  • Not for me... 8/15/2015

    This primer is super tricky to work with and you have to act fast because it dries up quick! It comes in a glue stick form and almost as soon as it hits your skin, you need to blend it in with the foundation as well. You can't do your whole face with the primer and then your foundation. You need to do it piece by piece, and really fast. It just wasn't for me and I definitely prefer a liquid based primer over this.

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