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Womanity Eau de Parfum Refill

Womanity Eau de Parfum Refill

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Womanity continues Thierry Mugler's tradition of creating fragrances a step ahead of their time. Noted for bringing together sweet and savoury accords, the fragrance opens with energetic citrusy accords and dries down to a daring yet wearable cloud of complexity that smells of fruit, woods, granite, and salt. Although elusive, the pairing of two unique scents served as the fragrance's inspiration: the sweet, milky scent of fig and the savoury, salty notes of caviar? Both derived through a high-tech molecular extraction process. "At the heart of it is what one woman learns from another. Womanity is that bond: giving, complicit, a tacit affinity." -Thierry Mugler

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Brand Mugler
Ingredients No
Red Square | Skincare - Makeup - Fragrance