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Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant - Fragrance Free

Elizabeth Arden
Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant - Fragrance Free

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It's been the darling of beauty editors for years and now it's fragrance-free. This all-in-one beauty secret calms, protects and hydrates skin for up to eight hours. Also shapes brows, smoothes cuticles, and restores your skin's shine.


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Brand Elizabeth Arden
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(9 reviews)
  • Kristi

    Age: 22 to 34

    Location: Cape Town

  • My comfort blanket sort cream 8/21/2016

    Even though they've won all kinds of awards, and even though the 8 hour cream doesn't have any AHA's or BHA's to really protect your skin, and even though it's basically Vaseline with a few more ingredients, there's just something about it that makes me purchase it over and over again. I take the fragrance free version and my skin has always loved it.

  • Samantha

    Age: 22 to 34

    Location: Benoni Johannesburg

  • Wonderworks Cream!!! 8/12/2016

    Aside from the smell, this really is a miracle worker. I use it throughout winter on my lips, and I never struggle with dry or cracked lips like I have seen on many other people. Not only can it be used on lips, but I use it on my hands when they feel dry, around the cuticle area especially. I have bought one of these for almost all of the women in my family cos I feel its so super!

  • Catherine

    Age: 22 to 34

    Location: Johannesburg

  • My go-to product 8/14/2015

    If I have a very dry anything, I use this: on lips, cuticles, chapped skin, heels, in hand cream, mixed with night cream... the list goes on. It's great in summer but absolutely essential in winter.

  • Natasha

    Age: 35 to 44

    Location: Durban

  • Love it 8/13/2015

    Best product ever all through year especially for kids :)

  • Jeanelle

    Age: 22 to 34

    Location: Cape Town

  • MUST-Have 8/13/2015

    This product has been an essential to my life! Passed down from my grandmother, this product will be passed down to my grandchildren because no woman should be without it!

  • Xoli

    Age: 22 to 34

    Location: Esikhawini

  • A must have! 4/21/2014

    Every woman should own this product!! I can't go anywhere without my 8hout cream. It has become an essential part of my everyday life. I love ittttt!

  • bettina

    Age: 45 to 54

    Location: capetown

  • 8 hour cream 4/19/2014

    a must have , very usefull a great product

  • cindy

    Age: 35 to 44

    Location: Gauteng

  • AMAZING 4/15/2014

    I cant live without my 8 hour.... I even have my sons addicted

  • Meagan

    Age: 22 to 34

    Location: JHB

  • Essential Winter Product 5/14/2013

    The only product that helps me with dry and cracked lips. Also great to use on any other small dry areas such as cuticles, elbows and heels. Great multifunctional product.

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